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Here's a new feature to the website, we will begin the "Perspectives Power Rankings"!

This is not a ranking of who the best wrestler is or who we think would win, rather this is a power ranking of who's hot right now and how strongly we see WWE pushing them in the near future.  Surely there will be debate, that's what we do best!  Feel free to leave your comments and let us know how dumb we are, but most of all have fun and thanks for checking us out!


1. Brock Lesnar - The reigning, defending, undisputed #1 wrestler in the world remains in the top spot of the PPR.  We are nervous about some slippery stuff happening when he goes up against Jinder Mahal at Survivor Series.  A non-title match has all the makings of a "Jinder Finish" like we've seen in the past.  Hopefully we're wrong and Brock goes car door on the Singh Brothers.  A little fantasy booking if we can...Jinder wins a disputed match with Brock and a rematch is set for Royal Rumble, title for title!  Lesnar wins and goes into Wrestlemania as the true Undisputed Champion.  Dare to dream wrestling fans.

2. Roman Reigns - Still the odds on favorite to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania provided his recent health issues are not a serious thing.  The biggest question right now for Roman is what he will be doing leading up to Wrestlemania season.  Hopefully The Shield will stay together through it all.

3. Braun Strowman - When last we saw Braun, he was loaded into a garbage truck and murdered by Kane.  This is obviously a quick program to give Braun something to do, keeping him strong to look like a formidable contender for the world title until Reigns beats him and takes the spot.

4. Jinder Mahal - The reigning WWE Champion is up one spot from last week following the challenge he issued to Brock Lesnar for Survivor Series.  We expect WWE to use the opportunity to continue the Jinder push, making it more of a thing when he's finally beaten, our guess right now is at Wrestlemania by John Cena.

5. Kevin Owens - Owens is the undisputed star of Smackdown Live and deserves a top five ranking.  Although not a part of the "RAW Under Siege" segment on Monday, the first thing the wrestling marks were asking was "where's Owens".  That's star power when you're the topic of conversation in segments you're not even in.  He is the top heel and will have a program for the title at some point, hopefully with Cena after Wrestlemania.

6. John Cena - With Mahal looking to Lesnar, this clouds the future for where Cena is re-introduced once his movie commitments are over.  At some point he is going to get his push for a 17th title, we still think it's Wrestlemania vs. Jinder but we wouldn't bet the house on it anymore.

7. Seth Rollins - The Shield reunion was put on hold due to illness but the gimmick is still the most over thing on WWE right now.  An exciting match awaits them when they face The Usos at Survivor Series, potential match of the night stuff for sure!

8. Dean Ambrose - The other half of the RAW tag champs, Ambrose is getting a lot of love from the crowds.  His popularity is tied to The Shield, if they were to break up, he needs to be the reason why.  Another "Lunatic Fringe" run for Dean could be mid-card death.

9. Sami Zayn - Kevin Owens "best friend" makes his first appearance on the PPR list this week.  If you need to know how good Kevin Owens is, look no further than Zayn.  The rub he's getting off KO should be enough to jump him up into secondary title contention and we're hoping a crack at the US Title will be in his future.  Potential matches with Nakamura, Styles and Roode would be a thrill.

10. Kane - Rounding out this week's list is The Big Red Machine himself.  Kane's return and insertion into the main event of TLC shows that the WWE has some plans for him, most likely building him up for a match against Strowman.  He'll probably be around through Wrestlemania where he can have a match and put someone over at the big show.


The Miz - Unfortunately The Miz comes out of TLC with no real excitement.  He took the pin in the main event and has no real direction other than a thrown together match vs. Baron Corbin at Survivor Series.  He's holding the IC belt until a needy superstar comes along that could make better use of it.  A Jason Jordan title reign could be around the corner.

Baron Corbin - How taking the US title off AJ Styles and putting it on Corbin is moving things forward is beyond us here at Perspectives.  After defeating AJ clean last week we followed that major victory up with a count out loss to Sin Cara.  Yes, you read that right, Sin Cara.  We're ready to put Corbin in the same category with the likes of Wyatt, Ziggler and Orton....enough's enough.  The sooner we can get that belt on Sami Zayn the better.


1. Charlotte Flair - Conspicuous by her absence in the Under Siege bit, we think maybe there is a title change looming and that Charlotte will be the champion by the time Survivor Series gets here.  Natalya was in the middle of the invasion of RAW so it's possible she's in the 5 on 5 and not Charlotte next month.  

2. Asuka - We had hoped her debut would be more dominant than it was, but bottom line is she is still a major talent and will be a big match with several of the women on the roster until her path crosses Charlotte Flair's.

3. Alexa Bliss - After successfully defending her RAW Women's title vs. Mickie James, Bliss now moves on to face the Smackdown champion at Survivor Series.  We guess that's vs. Charlotte and not Natalya and that she will follow that up by dropping the title to Asuka.  

4. Becky Lynch - The captain of Team Smackdown, Becky is on the verge of making something happen on the blue side.  It was very odd seeing her as a heel attacking the RAW women on Monday.  

5. Sasha Banks - We think Sasha will be a big match with Asuka at some point after Asuka takes the title from Bliss.  Until then she'll be a part of the 5 on 5.....wondering what Asuka's part in that will be.

6. Natalya - Watch out Natalya, that title might not be around your waist that much longer.  5 on 5 here she comes.

7. Carmella - Still holding the brief case is why Carmella is this high on the list.  Potential for a crazy thing to happen when both women's champions will be in the ring together at Survivor Series.  Is it legal to cash it in on the RAW champion?

8. Peyton Royce - We see Royce to be the odds on favorite to win the NXT Championship in the fatal four way.  A good heel champion would be a fun thing to see with Kairi Sane and Ember Moon chasing.

9. Kairi Sane - Kairi is a big hit, especially with the kids and can move the needle with merch.  She reminds us of Bayley back when people cared about Bayley.  Could you imagine two years ago us telling you we'd be doing the PPR and Bayley couldn't crack the top ten?  

10. Paige - A Paige return seems imminent and that could be fun.  How the WWE crowds will welcome her back will be interesting as well but she's a big name and could immediately be elevated to a major program when she returns.    


Nia Jax - There's uncertainty if we will see Nia back in a WWE ring, hopefully so but until then there's no serious push for her.  

Emma - Although she got in some good offense in her two matches with Asuka, there's no real reason to think Emma is going any higher than jobber to the stars at this point.  


1. Rollins & Ambrose - Still over, even without Reigns in the ring.  The Shield reunion is still something we get to see.

2. The Usos - A major match vs. The Shield at Survivor Series could end up being match of the night.  We hope the opposing brands get to cut some promos son each other, The Usos can hold their own in that department with The Shield.

3. The Bar - On the losing end of the main event at TLC, they are still formidable and Cesaro is great with the mouthpiece.  We would love to see them vs. New Day at Survivor Series.  

4. New Day - We got a glimpse of heel New Day this past Monday on RAW and we think it works.  We'd love to see Big E work heel for a while and as a singles competitor too.

5. The Authors of Pain - No change to the five this week in the PPR.  The Authors of Pain are in limbo right now with no serious program.  On the main roster they would shoot right to the top and contend for either tag title.

Feel free to tell us how wrong we are and thanks for following the wrestling perspectives site and podcast!

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Hello again wrestling fans!  

The Sharpshooter is back this week to take a look at the latest WWE PPV, Tables, Ladders and Chairs!  The Sharpshooter had his psyche damaged by a mere 4-3 performance at Hell in a Cell so I'm looking forward to my redemption and to once again putting The Canadian Destroyer, Petey Williams to shame along with his sidekick on the Wrestling Perspectives podcast,  The Eater of Cheeseburgers, Dennis Farrell.  Picking again with us will be Russ the original Pirate Princess, so get ready to get bashed in the skull by three objects that have no reason to be ringside, Tables, Ladders and Chairs.


The Sharpshooter 4-3

Petey Williams 5-2

Dennis Farrell 7-0

Merely Russ 4-3



Your first of three women's matches on the card returns us to a feud that seems to keep coming back at us every few months or so when WWE has nothing better for Sasha Banks.  Alicia Fox is getting a little bit of character time on TV, showing a psycho streak in her, complaining about not having merch and occasionally screaming at whoever walks by.  This mini little push makes The Sharpshooter nervous that they are thinking Fox for the win here but since it's the pre-show and we like to get the crowd hyped up, we'll go with the logical winner and pick Banks.  This should move Sasha closer to a dream match between her and Asuka, hopefully after Asuka has won the title.  A match that big deserves to be fought over a belt.

SHARPSHOOTER'S PICK: Sasha Banks makes Alicia Fox tap out

Dennis' Pick: Sasha Banks

Petey's Pick: Sasha Banks

No merch Russ: Sasha Banks


For Bliss' RAW Women's Championship

Alexa Bliss is probably seeing the handwriting on the wall with all the promos they are running for Asuka, and at this point a match between the two ending in a Bliss win would be a waste of a good streak.  Good thing WWE never does that, right Charlotte Flair?!?  Math is our ally here, The Sharpshooter is picking Bliss to retain because I think two faces in Banks and Asuka are winning so we need a heel win somewhere in the women's division.  Plus I don't see WWE going with James as their champion, maybe someday for a brief run when she's about to retire but not now.  Bliss wins, probably cheats to do it.  Nia Jax is always lurking somewhere to help Bliss when needed, why we do not know.

SHARPSHOOTER'S PICK: Alexa Bliss retains

Dennis' Pick: Mickie James wins the RAW Women's Championship

Petey's Pick: Alexa Bliss retains

Biscuit Butt Russ: Alexa Bliss retains


Asuka's RAW debut happens here and Emma is the sacrificial lamb being led to slaughter.  I'm hoping they give Emma a little bit in this match, she's quite entertaining and a better than average wrestler.  I think she and Alexa Bliss would make a good pair to run around causing havoc amongst the women's division once Bliss drops the title.  Asuka is a superstar and if WWE plays their cards right, they can have some huge money matches with her vs. the likes of Sasha, Bayley, Nia Jax and eventually Charlotte.  Who knows, maybe someday we see Asuka v. Rousey....dare to dream.

SHARPSHOOTER'S PICK: Asuka destroys Emma

Dennis' Pick: Asuka

Petey's Pick: Asuka

Russ, The Empress of Yesterday: Asuka


for Kalisto's Cruiserweight Championship

Again The Sharpshooter will rely on math for the pick here.  Only two title matches on the card, a title has to change hands somewhere right?  Well here it is because Enzo is going to win back his Cruiserweight Title from Kalisto.  His character is getting over and there's nothing better than a cocky heel waving the belt under everyone's nose, a role perfectly suited for Enzo.  I don't think WWE ever really wanted to put the belt on Kalisto in the first place but when the Neville desertion went down they needed immediate hype for a PPV that wasn't too far off.  So giving Kalisto the belt built this match quickly and WWE has done a nice job of making the fans care about the cruiserweights by putting Enzo in the spotlight.

SHARPSHOOTER'S PICK: Enzo Amore wins the Cruiserweight Title

Dennis' Pick:  Enzo Amore wins the Cruiserweight Title

Petey's Pick: Enzo Amore wins the Cruiserweight Title

Russ, a.k.a. the real Sin Cara: Kalisto retains


True or false, tune in to this PPV at 10pm this Sunday and you'll see everything you need to see?  How this match got onto a PPV card, not even the pre-show but the actual card is a question in need of an answer.  For those of you that don't follow 205 Live, and judging by the ratings that's all of you, Kendrick and Gallagher have been going around causing problems on 205 Live and it has led to this match.  Honestly, The Sharpshooter doesn't even care who wins this, Enzo is the entire division and everything else is just filler.  The only good thing that can happen here is Neville returns and kills everybody.  I created Petey on WWE2K18 and will tune out of this match so I can give the Canadian Destroyer to everyone on 205 Live while this match is happening.  Hold on, let me flip my coin to see who I pick.

SHARPSHOOTER'S PICK: It came up tails so Kendrick and Gallagher will win while I am taking a pee and setting 2K18 Petey to infinite finisher mode.

Dennis' Pick: Kendrick and Gallagher

Petey's Pick: Swann and Alexander

Sliced Russ #2: Swann and Alexander


I'm sorry.  I tried to write something here and instead I just shook my head and cried.  Did I really see Finn Balor, former leader of the Bullet Club and the former Universal Champion just paint his face in Halloween colors and use some '80's version dream sequence graphics to morph back and forth between himself and The Pumpkin King?  I am totally against having Finn be any part of the cruiserweight division but at this point it would have to be better than this.  Bray Wyatt is like one of those jackets scuba divers use to sink to the bottom, wrestle him and your career gets to wear the jacket.  Watch out Finn, don't hit Randy Orton on the way down to the mid-card.  I would let WWE double my subscription rate if they would give Balor ten minutes of open mic time to talk about what creative (wow, there's an interesting name for the writing team) has done to his character on RAW.  Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Sister Abigail, The Bludgeon Brothers, the rocking chair, the burning house, the entire Rotunda family.....all of you please leave my wrestling shows as soon as possible.

SHARPSHOOTER'S PICK: Abigail wins, the Demon loses and I throw up in my                        mouth a little bit

Dennis' Pick: Bray Wyatt

Petey's Pick: Finn Balor

Russ "I slept with Sister Abigail": Bray Wyatt


So, since we know The Shield is going to win, the only way we can hype this up is to just keep adding guys to the match until the odds are so great that no one could overcome them?  That's the entire premise of this match.  Or is The Shield going to win???  Could we be building to another group match at Survivor Series?  Is someone going to help The Shield?  To borrow a line from a famous movie franchise...."I've got a bad feeling about this".  The Shield should win but this match could be riddled with extra participants, heel tactics and all sorts of goofy stuff.  

SHARPSHOOTER'S PICK: Probably a DQ or shmozz of some sort, but if I have to pick a winner I'll stay with The Shield because someone is getting triple powerbombed through a table.

Dennis' Pick: The Shield

Petey's Pick: The Shield

Russ, the illegitimate child of The Miz: The Shield

I hate to say it but this PPV could reach a new low when it comes to my interest in the product.  I'm excited to see Asuka but not excited to see her squash Emma.  The Shield is a cool thing in a stupid match.  On this PPV there's a Fox, a boss, a biscuit butt, an old lady wrestler, an empress, a certified G, a Lucha Dragon, sliced bread, an umbrella wielding Brit, a Swann, A Pumpkin Demon, another old lady with a weird voice, hounds of justice, red machines, monsters among men and not just a bar...but THE bar.  The poop emoji might be getting a workout on social media this Sunday.

ENJOY THE SHOW! (if you can)

Feel free to tell us how wrong we are and thanks for following the wrestling perspectives site and podcast!

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By: Steve 'The SharpShooter ' Tannar